Christopher Hardy

Christopher Hardy is an industry leader in developing innovative health, wellness, cosmetic, and anti-aging products derived primarily from natural aloe vera due to its renowned healing, reparative, and restorative properties. While running global operations for a multi-billion company and distributing aloe vera products around the world, he witnessed the remarkable healing power of aloe vera for a variety of maladies.

After a decade of industry leadership, he discovered the industry itself was inauthentic and mis-leading. Dedicated to helping others find natural alternatives to health concerns and determined to find a better way, Chris created the entire family of AloeMD wellness products -all of which utilize the remarkable benefits of natural aloe vera.

AloeMD’s products are formulated by medical doctors, patented, and validated by 20 years of clinical research. All are made of natural ingredients without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Chris believes in offering instant, profound, and lasting solutions to those suffering from pain, injury, and chronic conditions and he is dedicated to prioritizing the quality and effectiveness of all AloeMD products.

Chris is an avid fan and player of the world’s fastest-growing sport of pickleball and AloeMD is a proud sponsor of the elite Pro Pickleball Association Tour.